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Happy 75th Independence Day

Author: Sowmya Keshava Published on: 15 August 2021

Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day!

Just the words 'Jai Hind', the tune of our national anthem, or an Olympics win evokes so much patriotism and emotions in each and every Indian.

Why don't we feel that way everyday?

On the occasion of our 75th Independence day, I want to remind all of us that the freedom we enjoy in our beloved country is still a privilege as compared to many other fellow humans in other countries. I feel so thankful everyday for being able to enjoy the freedom that my country gives me. Thanks to all the our freedom fighters and our armed forces who have made this possible.

When our Nation has fought and given us the basic right which is 'freedom' why dont we stop and ask ourselves what have we done with the freedom. Independence Day is not only about celebrating the 'freedom' we have.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" . (Quoting JK Kennedy) .

It's very simple.

- The world looks up to us. Don't insult our country and people who represent us and make a mockery of the 'freedom' you have

- After being looted for close to 200 years, we have rebuilt ourselves in only 75years and now excel in every field. Our talent and spirit has no boundaries. How many nations are able to build themselves up after being colonised?

- You may have your views on politics, policies, reformed laws. Find the right platform to discuss and do your part.

- Stop spreading hate and fake news. Stop fuelling rumours. Remember what happened centuries ago, if we haven't learnt from those mistakes then we will only be allowing others to rule us again.

- Stand up against anti-social elements

- Contribute to the growth of the nation. If you excel in your work/career, the nation excels too

- Respect every religion, culture and beliefs. Everyday is a celebration in India. Show integrity in everything and no one would dare break our spirit.

- If you are an influencer, celebrity, star, expert then use your opportunities and platforms wisely to showcase the good side of our nation. It is not a matter of pride to insult your country on international platforms.

- The world still thinks we are third world country, we are snake-charmers and portray only slums and uneducated Indians. Why do they refuse to think otherwise. Why don't they talk about our talent, culture and even our startups and unicorns? Think.

- Encourage small businesses, local talent. When we can appreciate local talent and cultures of Bali , Thailand or Turkey and Greece, why not appreciate our art, culture, sculptures and monuments, food or music?

- Keeping our country clean is not one person's or one party's political agenda. Do your part for your own good.

On this day, all I ask is for us to Stay United. Make our Nation proud. Only then will we and the next generations be able to enjoy the freedom.


- Proud Indian.

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